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The severity and spread of the current COVID-19 pandemic have taken the healthcare industry and the world by surprise. Today’s pharmaceutical companies are moving quickly to develop vaccines and investigate treatment options for symptoms experienced by COVID-19 patients.



Companies enlisting a CRO to help guide COVID-19 clinical trials to successful completion need to ask the following questions:

  • Does your CRO have global trial experience including regulatory knowledge?
  • Can your CRO match the right patients with the COVID-19 trial during recruitment and enact a strategy for retention and adherence to treatment?
  • How does your CRO collect and analyze data during the trial, and can I track the progress of the study?
  • Will your CRO leverage decentralized solutions during the trial to meet necessary safety regulations?
  • Does your CRO have a contingency plan in place to ensure study milestones are met?


Challenges with COVID-19 trial expertise

Biorasi is engaged in the management of multiple coronavirus clinical trials. We understand the challenges posed by COVID-19 trials and the solutions needed to ensure they run faster:

  • Global expertise in regulatory and recruitment procedures for international trials across multiple sites.
  • Customized strategies to meet enrollment, education and training, and participation requirements.
  • Access to real-time reporting, data collection solutions, and integration of data standardization for comprehensive trial results.
  • Focus on strategies for remote solutions that keep your trial on track and your patients safe.
  • Unique risk mitigation strategies for each of our clinical trials, proactively recognizing possible obstacles to your COVID-19 trials and preventing potential delays.