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Our decentralized clinical trial model allows you to stay agile and active in the face of everyday and unique challenges. From simple ad hoc remote capabilities to fully site-less trial solutions, we keep you moving forward — through public health crises, rare recruitment challenges, and much more.

Watch Biorasi Operations explain how trial decentralization and innovation in clinical trials benefits sponsors, patients, and the industry as a whole.

Remote patient engagement strategies

We offer a complete decentralized trial toolkit to support the remote patient experience, benefiting both the patients and the trial, as well as protecting trial participants from unnecessary exposures during public health crises.

  • Speed recruitment by expanding trial reach and access
  • Increase patient retention and patient compliance by reducing the patient burden
  • Accelerate access to data and improve data quality with real-time data collection tools

Remote monitoring solutions

Our decentralized monitoring model enables the full range of all monitoring activities — from initial site contact through site closeout — without the study monitor ever having to set foot on-site. Whether you just need more done off-site, or on-site is just no longer an option, we have you covered.

What’s more, our remote monitoring solutions can make your trial faster, too.

  • Make initiation quick and seamless with virtual site selection and initiation visits.
  • Shorten the path between you and your data and improve data quality with eSource implementation.
  • Get better oversight with remote monitoring empowered by real-time analytics.