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Hemolytic Anemia


Hemolytic anemia is defined by diversity — a varied group of patients, with different ethnicities, presenting multiple disease subtypes on a global scale. These differentiators can often stop a clinical trial before it begins, as rare blood disease studies present a limited patient population, a wide variety of symptoms, and specific trial exclusion criteria.

Biorasi meets the challenges of hemolytic anemia trials head-on and offers solutions for recruitment and retention that can keep your studies on track.



Faster recruitment, broader engagement

Our customized recruitment solutions are a perfect complement to hemolytic anemia trial protocols:

  • Biorasi is able to recruit patient subjects 3x faster for hemolytic anemia subtypes. Our enrollment programs connect you to patients around the world that match your demographics and criteria.
  • Once your patients have been recruited, we leverage our expertise in patient engagement and education to ensure retention, participation, and adherence to treatment.
  • Additionally, our focus on decentralized trials and patient-centric solutions offers participation options for patients that present severe symptoms, which prevent them from traveling to clinical sites or leaving their home.