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A Perfect Match

March 30th, 2015 | Data Sciences & Biometrics | Article

Today we can do more on our smartphones than desktop computers could a mere ten years ago. Smartwatches have officially left the idea boards and have become very real devices; albeit with questionable necessity. The once obscure “cloud” is no longer a dreamt about distant storage solution; it is a form of access many of us use on a daily basis. Funny, we may not even know it. Technology plays a major part in our everyday lives and its impact on the clinical trial industry is naturally evolving as an advantage. Biorasi’s internal platform, TALOS™, is at the core of our response to the changing times. While TALOS™ powers our tools, processes and systems; we find it crucial to have an advanced EDC/reporting system to enhance our overall technological efforts.

Enter Medidata Rave®. Medidata’s expertly built system is both easy-to-use and powerful. Medidata has incorporated the best of current technological growth and adaptation to bring new levels of productivity and quality to the clinical trial industry. By working with Medidata, Biorasi is able to produce expert results in a streamlined and current way. The pharmaceutical industry, like tech, is an impactful industry which is constantly evolving for the better. Biorasi and Medidata share a dedication to integrating the two worlds to produce optimal results for the community we serve.

On the 31st of March, Biorasi will announce a strategic partnership with Medidata. There is no question the true test of our combined impact is in the lives of patients who benefit from successful trials and subsequent drug approvals. As Biorasi grows in the follow-on biologics space and works to bring more cost effective treatments to market, Medidata will be a key player in our move towards interchangeability approvals and other drugs.