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Biorasi Loves Clinical Sites

In this time of uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of delivering new treatments to patients as quickly as possible has never been more vital.

To our sitepartners on the front lines, from all of us at Biorasi, thank you for everything you do to bring critical treatments to patients as we face COVID19 together.

This video features (in order of appearance): , Mark Vieder, Sofia Puerto, Dr. Raul de Souza Silveira, Alan Ho, Jimmy El Hokayem, Ph.D., Nilufer Celenk, Wayne Bowden, Thi Nguyen, Karen Garzon, Omar Ibrahim, Dr. Kurt Gehlsen, Rohan Shirolkar, Nadine Alam, Mamta Trivedi, Roberto Silberwasser, Marc M. Gas, Ph.D., Ruslan Gorsky, Shikha Tiku, and Chris O’Brien.

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