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Biorasi Recognized for Best in Class Technology, Women in Leadership

May 30th, 2018 | Press Releases | Article

Biorasi is proud to announce that leading industry publication Global Health & Pharma, also known as GHP News, has recognized the company twice in their 2017 Pharmaceutical Industry Awards. Biorasi Executive Vice President Lindsey Rios was honored as the “Most Influential Woman in Pharmaceuticals – South East”, and Biorasi itself was named “Most Advanced CRO of 2017 – South East”.

“I am extremely honored to accept both of these awards, on behalf of myself and Biorasi,” said Ms. Rios. “We have worked incredibly hard to create a forward-looking company, in terms of methods and technology, but also inclusion. These honors recognize our success at doing so. Our company is committed to delivering Clinical Research Optimized not just today, but tomorrow, and even a decade from now.”

Biorasi has been a leader in implementing policies that look to the future of the industry and leveraging next-generation technologies that bring disruption to the traditionally conservative CRO industry. In 2017, the company launched a best-in-class Sponsor Control Center through their TALOS™ platform. The Control Center gives Biorasi’s sponsors an unparalleled view into their trial and allows Biorasi staff to monitor trial progress in real time and prevent problems before they manifest. Biorasi uses this powerful tool to deliver Clinical Research Optimized™ more effectively across every trial the company runs.

The company has also been leading the way in fostering a culture that recognizes and promotes diversity, with nearly half of the senior leadership roles occupied by women – placing Biorasi among the best in the industry. Biorasi recognizes that diverse viewpoints, ideas, and approaches to solving problems and overcoming challenges is critical in today’s dynamic and often complex clinical trials. The company’s commitment to diversity allows Biorasi to deliver a higher level of optimization to sponsors’ trials.


The Pharmaceutical Industry Awards, given out annually by GHP News, celebrate the pharmaceutical industry across multiple categories, and are broken down regionally and nationally. Award recipients are nominated by third parties and are decided based on the recommendations of judges from within the industry.

Biorasi is a global, full-service contract research organization that brings a disruptive approach to a traditionally conservative industry: technology enabled; structured methodology based; optimization focused. Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Miami, FL, Biorasi provides something new in the industry – clinical trial delivery that is optimized to be on-time, on-budget, and tailored to meet our sponsors’ unique development needs. Using our proprietary processes and platforms, Biorasi excels at trial rescue, difficult to recruit/run trials, and challenging trial designs and venues.

TALOS™ is Biorasi’s proprietary clinical trial management platform, built on Biorasi’s core values of “Technology Enabled; Structured Methodology Based; Optimization Focused.” It was developed from the ground up as a disruptive technology to revolutionize and greatly improve the way clinical trials are executed. With a suite of intelligent tools, TALOS™ gives Biorasi and their sponsors an unparalleled level of transparency into and control of the inner workings of a trial. TALOS™ allows the Biorasi team to succeed where other CROs fail.