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Biorasi Spotlight: Jennifer Royzis – Lead, Talent Acquisition

August 10th, 2017 | Biorasi Spotlight | News

For this week’s Biorasi Spotlight, meet Jennifer Royzis, Lead, Talent Acquisition at Biorasi, LLC.

How did you get into clinical research?
I would say by accident but obviously, there’s more to it. As many new graduates, I was confused as what to do next after college. I had this shiny new degree and no idea what to do with it. Based on a little research and a lot of direction from friends I dedicated over a decade of my life working in HR/Career Services, mostly for private universities. I was bored and ready for a new challenge so when I was offered to join Biorasi, I said to myself, “why not”.  I can honestly say it has been the best professional decision so far.

What is your favorite part of the job?
My favorite part of the job is seeing what an impact it’s making on the company. Ultimately, the people is what makes the company successful and to have a job where I get to find and hire the people that build it just makes it all worthwhile. Seeing a smile on the people I helped hire is just an added bonus.

What are your biggest challenges on the job?
The biggest challenge of my job is probably the same reason as to what keeps it exciting. Having no clinical research experience at all, there has been a learning curve for me. I was basically given a job that I had no idea how to do, but I was looking for a good challenge. In no time, I was starting to understand how trials are being conducted and the roles of everyone involved. Little by little all the pieces of the puzzle started to come together. What makes this challenge exciting is the fact that now I know how drug trials are conducted and the impact it makes for patients whose lives are greatly improved.

What are the keys to success in your job?
The key to success for me would have to be summarized in 2 words, persistence and passion. Persistence, that if things don’t work out you must not give up but try and try again. Find a different way to do it and believe it will all work out at the end.  And that brings me to passion for what you do, believe that what you do makes a difference and that will drive a key to success.

Tell us something interesting about yourself?
As a kid my dad and I always watched different sporting events, soccer, tennis, hockey, you name it. That love for sports has always been a part of me and always brings back great memories of sitting with my dadand cheering on our favorite teams. To this day, you can still find me yelling at the TV cheering on my favorite teams.