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#BiorasiIndia Profile: Navtej Singh, Clinical Trial Manager

#BiorasiIndia Profile: Navtej Singh, Clinical Trial Manager1. How did you become interested in clinical research? I have always been excited in learning about a drug’s potential benefits before it goes to market. That and seeing a patient’s positive response to a new drug.

2. What do you like most about your position at Biorasi? I have been with Biorasi for four years now, and I believe that my role brings out the best in me – managing clinical trial sites and CRAs, working closely with sponsors, and monitoring enrollment performance. I also enjoy studying clinical trial regulatory requirements in other countries.

3. What makes #BiorasiIndia special? Through strong senior leadership and an experienced team of clinical researchers, the Biorasi India office has the capability and capacity to support local studies as well as global clinical operations. Also, India has become an emerging destination for clinical trials over the past few years, with the highest number of trials in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. This is due to:

· Availability of a diversified patient recruitment pool in every therapeutic area

· Streamlined ethics committees and a conducive regulatory environment

· Optimized clinical site infrastructure

· Experienced and well-trained principal investigators and clinical site staff

· Quality data monitoring and management

4. How do your connect with other offices and departments? As part of our #OneTeam initiative, we maintain strong communication with Biorasians all over the world. This helps us stay proactive in monitoring study progress and meeting milestones.

5. What advice would you offer to someone considering a role at #BiorasiIndia? Biorasi is an organization that let’s you explore your skill set and interests while staying in your existing role. Additionally, the enthusiasm of our senior and extended leadership teams towards company and employee growth is unique. My advice is to join Biorasi. Take a dip in the pool of opportunities available to your job profile, expand your expertise, and grow with us.