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Trial Rescue Effort Doubles CNS Trial Enrollment Rate

December 27th, 2016 | CNS | Patient Recruitment | Trial Rescue | Case Study

Patient Enrollment Needs To Be Strategic, Not Just Tactical

Almost every company that has ever run a trial finds themselves, at some point, looking at enrollment figures and wondering if they’ll meet th

eir patient and site quotas on schedule. It’s one of the most consistent problems facing both CROs and sponsors, and one of the most consistently troubling to the success of any trial. CNS trials especially can become mired down and derailed by a too-low enrollment rate, and the culprit is usually poor venue and site planning and selection.

Instead of simply doing more of what the primary CRO was doing on behalf of the sponsor, Biorasi leveraged their extensive patient network and Talos™ platform to identify sites that best fit the needs of the trial. We ranked network sites by a mix of intelligent criteria, and focused in on the 15 most likely to make a difference. Within weeks of the new sites opening, enrollment rates had doubled. By the time Biorasi had concluded their rescue contract, the trial was set to succeed.

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