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Clinical sites are where the action happens – from data capture to treatment. Biorasi loves our clinical site network and works closely with them to ensure fast and flexible solutions from the start of your trial.



Strong site connections

Biorasi has connections – strong clinical site connections that we trust and work with on a regular basis. These strong relationships enable us to:

  • Choose from a pool of sites that match each study’s therapeutic area and location and hit the ground running.
  • Speed up contracting time by leveraging existing agreements and partnerships.
  • Activate monitoring teams quickly, based on their location and past experience with our preferred clinical sites.
  • Streamline communication with a CRA dedicated to your trial, promoting faster response times and quality collaboration.
  • Track site metrics from the beginning, helping us identify potential roadblocks to your schedule.


Biorasi is also able to speed up site and study activation through IRB submission preparation and our roster of preferred IRB and IP vendors. With agreements already in place with trusted vendors, choosing the right partners is a snap.


Flexible remote solutions

Biorasi keeps trials moving forward during the COVID-19 pandemic via our decentralized trial solutions. We are a reliable resource for remote trials, enabling rapid start up through:



The meaning of pre-screening

Find the right patient matches faster with pre-screening solutions. Biorasi ensures patient privacy and safety while gathering eligible patients that are interested in your study. This is especially helpful for:

  • Faster site selection visits (SSVs) and site initiation visits (SIVs).
  • Faster recruitment, especially for hard to recruit studies.
  • Faster IRB submission and approval.
  • Faster document and data collection.