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Parkinsons Disease


Executing clinical trials for Parkinson’s comes with unique challenges. Biorasi faces them head-on:

  • Recruitment and retention for Parkinson’s studies are shifting from more common late stage pathology to rare presymptomatic patients.
  • Overall participation in clinical studies can be hampered by the degenerative nature of the disease.
  • Potential patients may be restricted from traveling to site locations for treatment.

Biorasi combines our expertise in Parkinson’s and other neurological disorders with an innovative project management strategy designed to remove challenges to successful clinical trials.


Clinical trial solutions on the leading edge

Biorasi offers leading-edge clinical trial engagement solutions built on patient-centric strategies and the latest technology. This includes digital monitoring and wearables, strong site and stakeholder communication, and a spectrum of decentralized trial options that can both remove the travel burden from your patients and expand the reach of your study on a global scale.