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Quality First

Quality gives you confidence when you least expect it

Quality gives you confidence when you least expect it

Speed alone is not enough to get to market quickly. Quality and compliance are also paramount. Biorasi is committed to running studies that meet and exceed our partners’ expectations and regulatory requirements — from start to finish.

Most CROs think quality is a commodity — you won’t find a place for it on many of our competitors’ websites. At Biorasi, we see quality as a differentiator. Why? Because we are raising the bar in CRO quality and putting Quality First.

Our Quality First framework is built upon four quality cornerstones:


9001 medium

Say yes to quality data

Quality Assurance is notorious for saying “NO.” After all, nothing can go wrong if nothing happens, right? Let’s throw that mentality out the window together. At Biorasi, we have built a Quality Team that is just as “Biorasian” as the rest of us, exhibiting the same relentlessly pioneering attitude, partner focus, and “One Team” mentality.

Our quality goal isn’t simply to do nothing wrong. This is the sort of mentality that traditional CROs use to justify inaction. Rather, our goal is to do more than anyone else, right, in the service of our partners.



We also say “YES” to:




Quality tells the story

Biorasi’s QA team is with you every step of the way. Discover how our Quality department identified study risks and issues in real time, and worked with our partners to keep their studies moving smoothly throughout the entire study life-cycle.


At the Start of the Trial

In the Middle of the Trial

At the End of the Trial