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Born from clinical trial rescue experience, Biorasi realizes the importance of speed and strategy in moving your study forward. From these origins, we have developed best practices designed to accelerate all aspects of your studies without sacrificing quality and patient safety.



Cutting the red tape

We start to pick up speed even before the contract is signed. Traditional CROs just can’t keep up. Biorasi is a nimble organization that promises:

  • CDA turnaround in 24 hours or less to move things forward from day one.
  • Completed proposals in 8 business days or less to show our commitment to your programs.
  • Accelerated Clinical Trial Agreement (ACTA) templates for streamlined trials right from the start.



The right alignment

Our teams are ready to execute. We start planning immediately so that you don’t lose momentum:

  • Biorasi’s rescue experience allows us to proactively apply lessons learned and best practices, enabling our teams to move faster and avoid any roadblocks to successful trials.
  • While other CROs are spread too thin, Biorasi’s operational teams are dedicated to your project’s successful completion.
  • We are able to execute global team solutions, with 24/7, around-the-clock attention to your studies.
  • We activate our preferred vendor network, leveraging current relationships to mobilize faster.
The Right Alignment

International CRO strategy

Our preferred site network includes global relationships with thousands of experienced clinical sites. We have agreements and templates in place to quickly assemble the best sites for your studies. This includes:

  • An understanding of each country’s regulatory and compliance requirements to prevent potential delays.
  • Local teams of experts that understand patient cultures, language, and priorities to boost enrollment time and engagement.
  • Knowledge of operational and logistical standards, to bring patients and treatment together.
International CRO Strategy



Synchronizing our watches

Time is a precious commodity in your clinical trials. Biorasi project management teams create your study schedules early in the trial so that stakeholder goals are aligned from the start, making potential changes easy to handle. This is enabled by:

  • Early identification and adherence to the critical path for your trial, with consistent follow-ups.
  • Understanding each team member’s role in the successful completion of trial milestones.

Transparency for sponsors and other stakeholders throughout the length of the trial and beyond.